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April 21, 2021 By: L Harmon
It's Bat Time of Year
It doesn’t matter whether it’s Mount Shasta, Redding, Chico, or any other area of the North State, I, as a Small Brown Bat, or my cousin, the Large Brown Bat, will be spreading our wings and be on the prowl. I love this time of year.  The days are warming up and more importantly the nights are too, which means it’s time for me to wake from my winter slumber and begin the spring feast on all of those wonderful insects that are emerging. 
I know that I may annoy you a bit since often times your attics make wonderful homes for me and my siblings.  If I can find a way into your attic through any opening larger than a ¼ to ½ inch, I will! Especially if there are some delicious mosquitoes, crickets, June beetles, moths or other flying insects for me to snack on near your home.  I really am beneficial you know, because I do help keep the bug populations in check.  Beware however, because if you happen to see one of my fellow bats out in the daytime, it means that I’m probably sick or have rabies, so please don’t touch, or they may bite you.
Now if you don’t like me living in your attic call a professional pest control company such as Woods Pest Control to come get me out.  I really don’t mind, I’ll find a new home.  Woods Pest Control knows how to remove me safely and humanely from your home and then seal it up preventing me from reentering your attic space.  I may not be too happy at first as I may try to come “home”, but in a day or two I’ll realize that it will be time to relocate.  If you really like me to hang about, but just not in your home, try hanging some bat boxes about and I’ll see if I like them.  If I do, I’ll move on in!

May 5, 2020 By: L Harmon
Velvety Tree Ant
I love to live in your oak trees, and often can be found crawling in trails with thousands of my fellow velvety tree ants for hundreds of yards if necessary as we find food and other resources.  I want you to know that we are picky about where we live and can only be found in a few places, and one of those places is in Northern California.  From Chico to Corning, Red Bluff through Cottonwood, Anderson, Redding and all of the surrounding areas including the foothills. 
I bet you have seen me and my relatives. If you’ve ever cut down an oak tree in the north state, or simply leaned up against one for any length of time in the spring or summer, chances are I’m the one you had to brush off.  Be careful though because I will create quite a stink, literally.  If you disturb me I’ll raise my abdomen and release a stinky formic acid pheromone.  This will alert all my fellow velvety tree ants that I need help and they’ll come swarming to my rescue.  Although we can’t sting you we can bite and you’ll know it. 
I get my name from the fact that we like to live in the cavities and voids in trees.  Oak trees make our favorite home because they are often hollow inside and have plenty of water that produces fungi that we can eat.  So we have food, water and shelter; what more can an ant ask for?  Unlike our cousins the Argentine ant, Odorous House ant, Fire ant, Harvester ant or many others we really will do anything to avoid nesting in the ground.  We would much rather come into your home, and often do, to find an out of the way place that’s comfortable for us and hopefully you don’t discover.  These places are wall voids, attics and even places like an old suitcase left unattended for awhile. 
When you do find me you’ll see that I have a black head, red thorax and black abdomen.  But just because I live in trees don’t confuse me with a carpenter ant; we don’t even like each other.  Besides we don’t excavate wood like they do, we’d prefer to find a space already for us to move in.  Now you can try to control me on your own; good luck!  There are thousands upon thousands of us.  If your smart about it you’d call a professional like Woods Pest Control, they’re the best in the north state when it comes to taking care of bugs like us, plus they have Associate Certified Entomologists on staff to make sure it’s me your after.